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Technological Solutions

Ignivia strongly believes in preparing, supporting and equipping communities and social care org’s with effective strategies to comprehend and adopt change for achieving desired goals and results. We support CVS (community voluntary service) organisations by analysing their existing set up and identifying all the gaps that restrict them from delivering their desired objectives as well as commissioned reports. Our experts offer change management support and affordable solutions with the help of the G Suite for non-profits. This further helps the CVS organisations in deploying a robust infrastructure for delivering services in a much more collaborative and co-ordinated manner. From cascading documents to taking initiatives, identifying bid opportunities and sharing training materials etc, we perform numerous important tasks for CVS organisations.

Community Messaging

Community messaging via TV screens

At Ignivia, we believe in delivering patient centric services and solutions. With the advent of technology, healthcare organisations are constantly evolving and searching for quick and effective ways to offer accurate and detailed healthcare information to patients as well as caregivers. That’s precisely where we come into picture. We’re committed to providing our clients with advanced and innovative community messaging solutions at cost-effective prices.