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Social Prescribing

Social prescribing refers to providing a service for people to go to if their problems are not necessarily medical related.

People often present at the GP when their problem really is loneliness, or depression caused by financial stress, etc. So with social prescribing, a GP will refer the patient to a link worker (social prescriber) who spends time with the patient and puts them in touch with services in the voluntary sector that can support them through their non-medical issues, e.g. housing support, physical fitness, social clubs and organisations, legal services etc.

It is not a new service, but is one researchers are finding shows positive impact in that demands on primary care fall when a patient’s overriding issues are addressed.

Social prescribing is not a “treatment” like CBT, it is finding a social solution for the challenges that people face in life so they are less reliant on health professionals and integrates/links them into services which help address their needs.

Patient Experience

Ignivia has always been at the forefront of enhancing the public health care experience. We adopt people centric approach and methods to assist our clients in improving the overall quality of their health care services and organization. From research to designing and creating fresh marketing concepts, we aid healthcare units and hospitals at multiple levels. Our team has always strived to provide our clients with enhanced healthcare services, solutions and environment thereby allowing them to meet and exceed public expectations.

Patient Redirection

Patient Redirection, Service Re-design & Equality Impact Assessments –

Ignivia understands the dynamics of the healthcare industry and endeavors to provide services and solutions that are tailor made to meet the ever growing demands of the patients and the healthcare sector. Our research and analysis consultants conduct real time surveys, which consist of questions designed by patients, public and health commissioners aimed at understanding the impact and scope of healthcare services offered by hospitals and other healthcare units. Our surveys help clients in amassing key information and data, which is further used for gaining insights into healthcare services and overall environment. This further aids commissioners in improving/redesigning their services and maximising their performance at every level.

We use advanced software to validate data quickly, accurately and efficiently and further transfer the same on paper or in digital format to our clients after careful analysis. Our reports are used by health care providers for enhancing their care services and set up. In fact, clients can access our surveys in real time, without worrying around any security issues. Depending upon our clients’ requirements, we either host the data on their IT infrastructure or transfer the same into the cloud, allowing them to access their key data quickly and securely.

From patient experiences to outcomes and even performance improving measures, we can create customisable and accurate reports and surveys for clients in the health and well being sector. We collate feedback via a desktop or mobile device and later transfer the same into excel sheets and other formats. This enables clients in accessing data in real-time with customisable reporting.