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Ignivia's Technical team customise applications to integrate with G Suite that will not only help you in connecting with your team but also enable your organisations ability to work across departments to improve. With our experienced consultants, renewing your applications using the Google platform will be seamless. From minimising IT department’s intervention, support and maintenance to ensuring that you are able to access all your applications securely and efficiently, we will assist you in migrating all your customised apps.

1. Everything you need in one package.

Ignivia is the premier provider of G Suite solutions, which is exactly what encourages us to steer your organization a notch higher with assistance from our G Suite experts. As a highly reliable and efficient Google Apps solution provider in the country, we have adequate experience and knowledge around offering G Suite solutions and support to our clients, including large and small scale organisations. We harness the power and potential of Google applications to provide your business with the much needed momentum and direction in addition to reducing your costs quickly and efficiently.

2. Communication

The G Suite solutions have enabled organisations in dumping traditional meetings in favour of ‘meetings on the go’. As a result, users can now plan, set up and organise meetings right from their browsers. With Google Hangouts, organisations can make arrangements for virtual meetings with their partners, employees and others from almost any location. This further helps businesses in increasing productivity and enjoying hassle-free communications.

3. Collaborate

With G Suite for work, organisations can collaborate easily. Employees can work together as a team, enhance their productivity and do more in less time with assistance from handy Google apps such as Google Docs and Google concept that enable employees in sharing their files with each other from just about anywhere. This allows for sharing and discussion of multiple ideas at one common place, enabling organisations to keep a track of every employee’s inputs and contribution. The G Suite package enables employees in collaborating with each other in real time and sitting and contributing towards projects at the same time. Further, all the relevant changes in the documents is automatically saved and can be accessed as well as shared anytime, anywhere.

4. Work On The Go

Use Google Drive for Work for storing as much as 5TB* data and sharing it with anyone, anywhere. With the humungous amount of data being generated and used by organisations, G Suite is apt for organisations that want to share as well as store their data conveniently. Google Drive for Work also makes cloud storage simple, quick and hassle-free for both the employer and the employees. Additionally, organisations can also monitor what data is being shared and stored with easy access anytime, anywhere. Employees, on the other hand, can easily access any data relevant to their work and deliver consistent and quality output every time.

5. Mobile Friendly

With advanced and appropriate G Suite solutions, organisations and their workforce can easily access files through their smartphones. The Google apps are mobile friendly and allow users to create, share and store files using their mobile phones. Employees and their bosses can also organize chats, online meetings and discussions over their smartphones and connect with each other anytime, anywhere. As a result, organisations can get their work done faster and without facing any hassles or hiccups.

6. Additional Apps

Once you've decided to take advantage of the G Suite solutions, you'll also have access to numerous additional apps such as Blogger, You Tube, Google Analytics, videos, social tools and more. Enterprises can use these apps to scale their business to newer heights and communicate and collaborate with their clients conveniently. From gathering, visualizing and sharing important data to managing and optimizing your content, ads and other text and data, there's a lot you can achieve with Google's additional apps that are easy to access and use. These apps also enable organisations in gaining insight into their website traffic and enhance their online visibility as well as marketing efforts.

7. Ease Of Use

The G suite applications enable organisations in spending less time in planning and doing more with minimal expenditure and efforts. Google apps are not easy to use sometimes so enabling users to create, share and store all docs easily and securely is a major benefit. Employees can access, edit and submit work- anytime... anywhere!

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