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A collaboration between WLCCG and Ignivia Case Study: Grenfell Recovery


‘Development of a system to support the North Kensington Recovery team in order to deliver effective Patient Engagement, interaction and interventions provided by West London CCG, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, NHS providers, and that of local charities and the voluntary sector’


Following the Grenfell Tower fire of 2017, WLCCG needed to identify the health needs of the residents and victims of North Kensington affected by the fire.WLCCG commissioned Ignivia to implement the Gsuite solution enabling teams to collaborate and collect the necessary data and information from residents. The GDPR compliant cloud-based solution enabled teams to collaborate in real time, ensuring interventions were put into place as quickly as possible.


•Finding out the broad range of issues being faced by victims
•Acquiring volunteers to help with data collection
•Real-time visualisation of public engagement
•Creating an easy, succinct platform to allow quick communication between all parties involved in the recovery
•Seamless collaboration between various different organisations i.e council, charities & CCG staff


With the help of GSuite, the recovery team was able to engage and support volunteers while they were supporting the wider community bringing together all services with responding to residents questions.

WLCCG used various hubs in North Kensington to invite people affected to come and share their issues. Using tablets equipped with WIFI, a pre-built form enabled individuals to privately answer important questions and provide an insight into what needed to be tackled. The data collected by these volunteers could then be stored immediately using Gsuite. It ensured the data was available to WLCCG, partners and all the recovery team. Ignivia also provided training to staff members on Google and its range of resources. This was vital for ensuring analysis of the data could be made and a clear understanding of the key areas of Gsuite.

The staff could collaborate with other partners immediately using any device and consented confidentially data could be shared with both RBKC, CVS teams, voluntary organisations in ensuring peoples needs were addressed, and are still being addressed through the tragic period and the trauma left behind.


WLCCG delivered effective and fast health recovery plans for Grenfell residents. Communities were able to voice and raise questions and thoughts about the incident and events after through Gsuite and data collection- 600 records attained. A better more effective IT system was implemented for WLCCG to use with staff, partners and the council, improving communication and data sharing. IT training among staff at WLCCG provided better understanding and skillset that could be applied for future cases.