About Us - Google Cloud services and business solutions in the UK

As an industry partner, Ignivia co-ordinates and collaborates with leading public and private sector organisations to create unique and cost-effective solutions for improving their business and services.

With years of experience and partnership working, Ignivia offer a variety of digital, interactive VR and cloud based solutions. Ignivia are committed to offering project and programme support to ensure quality and timely delivery of projects.

  1. We offer a truly partnership led approach and thats what makes us different.
  2. We have a wealth of experience in offering digital and cloud-based solutions.
  3. We provide effective change management consultants and solutions across businesses, health and social care sectors, and non profit organisations.
  4. We offer high quality services and solutions which are affordable, and we ensure the timely delivery of projects.
  5. We aim at adding value to your projects and organisation by helping you migrate securely and effortlessly.
  6. Our consultants can help you in fulfilling your business goals by offering best practices and solutions for technical partner.
  7. With our experienced, certified professionals, our technical leads can help your organisation to migrate quickly and confidently, with minimal disruption.
  8. We can set up, configure, integrate, migrate and offer advanced G Suite support and technical assistance at each and every phase of your deployment project.
  9. We’re committed to offering 100% customer satisfaction and support. Ignivia can help you in building a responsive and fully trained team that measures your organisational goals and KPIs (performance).
  10. Our team members are adept at deploying Google cloud solutions across the third sector.