Ignivia Ltd | Empowering Business Change

01. Unique Creativity

Every organisation is different so we know one approach doesn’t fit all. That’s why we prefer to partner with our clients to understand them and enable them to achieve their aims and objectives.

Sometimes teams are reluctant to take on change, sometimes it’s the technology. Organisations need a little support and direction – a bit like geese …

02. How We Work

As the Japanese say, muda (lean thinking) and focusing on business requirements enables radical change through cost effectiveness and value for money business solutions.

With our change management professionals, solutions and services, organisations can benefit in multiple ways such as:


1. Improved ROI

2. Reduced Project Inefficiency and Risks

3. Minimised Costs


Our change management team use advanced methodology and strategies to offer
the relevant support to plan, scope and deliver the desired and positive outcomes.

03. New Generation Platforms

Scalable and 'fit for your purpose' platforms that are truly in the cloud - they do not require downloading onto PCs/on premise computing system. Clients want flexible systems that grow with their organisation, so we offer that flexibility.

04. Get In Touch

Not sure about what exactly you need. Get in touch to arrange an informal chat with one of our team. Whether its a customised application, a website, or about deploying the G Suite solution, we are all about driving change and supporting organisations in 'making' opportunities happen.

05. Our Credentials